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Guide For Members’ Procedures




In order to become a member of our website, go to the main page of www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr, go to the New Member section, and click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” option.



In the newly-opened “Free Membership” page, fill in the Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, E-mail and/or Mobile Phone Number fields completely.


Enter the password you determine in the relevant field. In your future member logins, you will have to use this password and your e-mail.


Since member logins are performed via e-mail and password, your membership will not be completed if you do not provide your e-mail.


You can become a member by checking the “I read the User Agreement and Privacy Rules” box and clicking the “Complete Membership” button.


If you consent to KANARYA KASABI privacy policy, use – processing of personal data, and sending of commercial e-mails to you, check the relevant box. When you click on the specified expression, you can see its content. Then, if you do not want commercial electronic messages to be sent, you can take the relevant action specified in the messages sent to you. (The messages that are possible / required to be sent by law will continue to be sent.) You can also access information on this subject by clicking the relevant section of the page.

If you get any error message during your subscription to KANARYA KASABI, you can press the "undo" button. If this error is repeated, you can contact us through our Whatsapp customer services line (0539 267 00 00) between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays to get more information.

When you want to change your membership information, you can do the 3rd item in the Member Login section below

When your membership procedure is completed, we will send the Membership Information Agreement (as form/text) to the e-mail address you specified in the Membership Information.




Go to the www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr and click the “Member Login” link in the upper section.

Enter your e-mail address and password you used to create your account in the page that opens.

Click “Sign In”.

If you get any error messages during your member login to KANARYA KASABI, you can click the “undo” button. If this message is repeated, you can contact us through our Whatsapp customer services line (0539 267 00 00) between 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays to get more information.


    If you happen to forget your password, click “I Forgot My Password” link. Write your registered e-mail address on the Password Reminder pop-up and click the “Send my Password” button. Your password will be sent to you with an e-mail. For your safety, you can change your password by following the steps below.


To see your orders, returned items, and gift certificates, go to our main page, click the arrow next to your name in the My Account section

You can update your e-mail address and mobile phone number from “My Info” tab; you can also change your password on the “Change my Password” tab.

You can enter new address information or edit the addresses you entered before on the “My Addresses” tab.

On “My Orders” tab, you can view the dates, numbers, cost and status of your orders in the last 30 days. When you click the “view” link on the same page, you can see details such as the products image, delivery info and invoice address. In order to view all of your orders, click the “Click here to view all your orders” link in the upper section of the page.



    After you select a product and chose its color and other features, you can add it to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.


After you add a product to your cart, a message box appears with “Continue Shopping” and “Go to Cart” buttons. If you want to continue shopping, click on “Continue Shopping”.

If you do not want to add more products to your cart and complete the purchase, click “Go to my Cart” button to go to your cart.


    In your cart page, you can change the number of items in your cart from the “number” section, and view its total price (including VAT) and delivery costs, or you can change the numbers of the items in your cart. If you want to change or return an item, you can go back to previous steps and perform necessary steps.


In the first stage of the cart page, you can see the products in your cart.

When you click on the “Buy” button, you will be directed to “Member Login” page if you have not logged in yet. On the page that opens, you must enter your e-mail address you used when you created your account, and the password you determined. Then, you will be directed to “Delivery – Invoice Address” page. If you are not a member of KANARYA KASABI, go to www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr main page, click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button in the upper section. You can find necessary information in the Membership Procedures” section of the Procedures Guide.

Our products are delivered only in Istanbul.


If you want your order to be delivered to your address, you must enter and save your address information on the “Delivery – Invoice Address” page.

If you want your address to be different on your invoice, click the “Add New Address” button and enter your invoice address.

Click the relevant boxes for delivery address and invoice address. In order for your invoice to be made out correctly, and to avoid problems during delivery, make sure your invoice address and delivery address are complete and correct.

After you enter delivery and invoice addresses, click on the “Buy” button, which will take you to the “Payment” page.

If you think your delivery or invoice address information is wrong, click the “Edit” button next to the address title and change the relevant information, or click the “Delete” button to delete your information, and then click “Add new address” to add new address.


During the confirmation stage of the order and before the payment information is entered, the total amount you will pay including the taxes and delivery fees can be seen on the right side of the screen. The cargo fees may vary based on the amount of your shopping, and the campaigns on the website during your shopping.

Choose the method of payment (credit card, cash on delivery, pay pal, BKM express) on the left side of the page, and enter the required payment information. Click “Buy” and proceed to the “Order Summary” step.

If you enter incorrect information on this step, you can edit the information by carrying out the procedures shown on the screen. For information entry errors which you realize after the completion of the payment, you can contact us via our Whatsapp customer support line (0539 267 00 00) between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.

The precautions necessary for the security of the information provided by you to Kanarya Kasabı, and the transactions have been taken by Kanarya Kasabı and/or relevant payment/collection institution within the scope of current technical possibilities depending on the system infrastructure of Kanarya Kasabı, the nature of the transaction and information. However, it is your responsibility to take necessary precautions (including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications) to protect such information and prevent unauthorized access to them since they are entered from your device.


In order for you to control the accuracy of the data/information you enter, the order summary will be shown before you complete the order. At this stage, before completing the order, you can cancel your order by clicking the “Cancel” button, or go to the stage of the transaction from the upper section of the page and make necessary changes.

On the “Order Summary” page, you must control the invoice and delivery addresses, the products in your cart and their amount, your payment method and information. You must also read and approve (accept) the Preliminary Information Conditions, Other Preliminary Information Conditions and Distant Sales Agreement. You can see the entire texts by scrolling down.

In order to confirm Preliminary Information Conditions, Other Preliminary Information Conditions and Distant Sales Agreement, you must check the approval box on the right side of the “Order Summary” page and click the “Complete Order” button. When you click this button, you will proceed to “Complete the Order” stage below.

After you shop on our website, and confirm and accept the transaction, the Distant Agreement and Relevant Information and your order summary will be sent to your e-mail which you specified in your membership information. You can save them in your device and access them whenever you want. The “format” of the agreement will be stored in the systems of our Company for 6 months maximum due to legal requirements. After the sale is completed, you will not be able to access the distant sale agreement in which you entered your information using our website.

At his stage and on this page, you will see a text stating that the price of the Product(s) you ordered and related costs will be collected through the method of payment of your choosing.

You can correct the mistakes you make when you enter your payment information by following the steps shown on the screen.

Completing the Order and the Payment

After you enter your payment information correctly and click on the Complete Order button as explained above, a page will be displayed, stating that your order is completed if the payment/collection procedure was completed successfully in the system (in cash on delivery payment method, this does not mean that the payment has occurred). You can find your order number on this page. (As stated above, information about you order and the confirmation of the receipt of the order will be sent to your e-mail address together with the distant agreement information and distant agreement).

When you click on the “Complete Order” button, the bank/related organization or Kanarya Kasabı Security Department may need to contact you through your registered telephone number and/or e-mail address in order to obtain further confirmation of your order. If you cannot be contacted through your registered contact information, your order can be cancelled for security purposes (even if you have received a confirmation message). In order for your bank and other payment/collection institution to confirm your order, your personal contact information with such bank/collection institution and on our website must be up-to-date.

Contacting the customer and obtaining his/her confirmation in this manner is a procedure that is carried out when required by Kanarya Kasabı or relevant bank/institution and as an exception. This procedure will not be repeated before every payment/collection transaction. If this procedure is not carried out, Kanarya Kasabı and the relevant bank/institution will not assume any responsibility.

For information entry errors which you realize after the completion of the payment, you can contact us via our Whatsapp customer support line (0539 267 00 00) between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.


Technical stages/steps concerning the purchase of products/services (“Product/Products”) subject to the order placed by you, our esteemed member/customer, and the carrying out of the order/Contract, and the technical tools aimed at the identification/correction of errors which may occur when you enter your information (including those performed on the application on your mobile device) have been specified on the relevant pages where they allow you to perform actions according to the appearing warning messages. If there is an error in the information (data) entry regarding your order on the Website, you can proceed by making corrections in accordance with the relevant warning message you will see; you can also correct errors which may occur as you enter your payment information in the same way. You can contact us for data input errors you notice after the completion of the payment through our WhatsApp customer support service (0539 267 00 00) between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.


Dear Website Visitors, Our Customers, Our Members,

We would like to inform you about our practices about our Privacy Policy, Communications, Site Usage Terms, and the Processing of your Personal Data, and your rights within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The Privacy Rules/Policy and Terms of Application/Use set out below shall apply for the confidentiality of the information of our visitors/members/customers (hereinafter referred to as “Visitor(s)”), the protection, storage, processing/use/disposal of personal data (“information”), commercial electronic communications and other matters in our Company Kanarya Kasabı Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and on our website www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr (including the mobile application).

Protection of Information

Measures necessary for the security of information provided by and obtained from the Visitors are taken by our Company or the relevant company according to the nature of the information and the transaction in the system and internet infrastructure within the scope of technological capabilities and cost elements through appropriate technical and administrative methods.

All credit card transactions (if any) and confirmations in your use of our website are conducted online by you and the relevant Bank and Card Organization independent from our Company. Information such as credit card “password” is not seen or recorded by our Company.

Information entered for becoming a member of our website, buying a product/service (if any) or updating information, and confidential information about credit and debit cards cannot be seen by other internet users

Methods of Collecting Personal Data, Purpose of Processing/Transfer, and Personal Data Transactions

By taking the measures necessary to protect confidentiality and in conformity with all legal principles on processing the personal data and the policies of personal data storage/disposal; if legally obligated, by requesting for further permission for certain applications; the visit information of our visitors to the physical and virtual enterprises and their contact details as well as their following personal data,

could be processed and transmitted (shall collectively be referred as “processing” or “process” hereinafter) using partially or fully automatic/non automatic collection (from the information that the visitors give to our Company and the aforementioned institutions verbally/in writing and/or their visits to internet sites including their physical/virtual environments, mobile applications and from content examinations, from the membership and operation information in the sites of social media and advertisement network operators, from (physical and virtual/digital) member/user and call center operations with our Company and the aforementioned entities and shopping and operations of complaint/campaign/questionnaire on customer satisfaction as well as legal financial documents of the same and other documents/records, furthermore from written, verbal, visual and technical data arising/acquired in various environments and places of fixed/mobile internet and communication devices and/or mobile applications) methods, provided not to exceed provision, assignment, legal maximum periods and recording written/magnetic archives, storage, protection, making available, using, updating, amendment, merger, rearrangement, classification, explanation, sharing, transferring, transmission, transfer, elimination (eradication, deletion or anonymization) operations for the aforementioned entities (homeland/abroad) for the period to be stipulated in conformity with the purpose of process depending on the nature of the information within the homeland or abroad and similar legal methods in the situations where it is clearly stipulated herein and further in the laws that personal data could be processed and transmitted by and between Kanarya Kasabı, our Data Controller Company and its partners-business partners, successors, service providers-suppliers and third party persons/entities to be determined (including social media-online advertisement operators) as required by other purposes of processing (data controllers, processors and/or purchaser groups as the case may be), both for reasons with respect to customer experiences related to the products-services which they purchased from our group companies or which they are interested in, consumer rights, customer/member services and legal reasons on fulfillment of commercial-financial and legal responsibilities-obligations in this respect and for allowing to benefit from products-services and facilities whether general or customized and for the purposes of performing any product-service promotion, advertisement, communication promotion, marketing and sales, store card, credit card and user/member/customer information, operations and applications, in the case that the information is disclosed, in the situations where it is necessary to process the personal data of the contract parties as directly related to establishment or performance of any consumer, membership or other contracts, similarly in mandatory situations for fulfilling any legal obligations in the capacity of data controller/operator, furthermore for establishment, exercise or protection of rights and in the situations where data operation and transmission is necessary/mandatory for legitimate interests stipulated herein and in the laws provided not to harm basic rights and freedoms.


You can also apply to our Data Responsible Company to get information on the below mentioned data, the collection method and the legal reason, for which purposes they will be processed, to whom they will be transmitted and for which purposes they will be transmitted:


Information such as name, surname, nickname, age / date of birth, gender, marital status, date of marriage, status of children, means of transportation, area of residence, address and delivery address, level of education, profession / business, cultural artistic sportive, holiday etc. interests-demographic member / user / customer information such as hobbies and habits, private-official identity, identity no. and tax information, photographs (for security purposes), video recordings and call center voice recordings, shopping habits-preferences, likes and related comments on all kinds of products and services including clothes, contents of campaigns, competitions, surveys etc., fixed and mobile device names used for various purposes, card and account information except for confidential information such as billing contents, payment methods, password, old and new mobile / home / business phone / fax numbers, mail addresses, approaches to electronic commercial and other communications (s), type, model and codes, identification information (cookie, web browser signs-information, IP, beacon, wired-wireless network connection information, etc.), advertising identifier information, social media profile and account information, as well as;


You reserve the right to learn whether your personal data is processed, if processed, whether they are processed in compliance with relevant purposes, to learn and know about the third parties within the country and abroad, to demand information regarding all these issues; in the case when the processing is short of wrong, ask them to correct it, to get your personal data deleted according to the legal terms and conditions and method or to get them disposed of; and to request that the third parties to whom the data is transmitted are notified; besides, to object to the occurrence of a consequence against you by analyzing your information through automated systems and if you suffer from any loss or damage because your data is not processed in line with the legislation, to demand indemnification.

Although the above information is presented for your information on account of our liability of providing information regarding personal data, we would like you to know that we obtain permission for all kinds of personal data transactions (except where the legislation allows for the processing of the personal data without explicit consent (including transmissions)) and that we do not perform unauthorized processing.

Our company may perform the partial or total destruction (deletion, destruction or anonymization) of personal information in the periods to be prescribed in the relevant legislation and in the periods to be mentioned in the personal data storage and destruction policies and also the visitors may contact the Company with the communication channels mentioned below at any time and without any justification, process personal data and / or stop commercial electronic communications. According to such express notifications- demands, communications to the parties for personal data transactions and / or channels specified shall be suspended within the statutory maximum period (personal data transactions and communications that are possible or required by law).Personal data of the visitor are Personal data of the visitor is deleted or disposed of from the data registration system, except for legally required and / or those that can be possible deleted or disposed of or made anonymously unidentified to provide the same purpose. The applications and requests in this respect shall be fulfilled within the statutory maximum periods or may not be accepted by legal reasons (The related legal rights are reserved).

(Information about cookies and notifications on your computer and other devices, the actions you can take to regulate them are outlined above).

Third-Party Sites-Digital Platforms and Applications

Other sites that are accessed from our website (including mobile versions) have their own privacy-security policies, use, communication and personal data processing terms; our company shall not be responsible for disputes, material – moral damages and losses resulting from seeing advertisements, banners, contents, or using information from other websites, and the ethics, privacy-security principles, personal data storage and destruction policies, service quality, terms of use, cookies, web markers etc. on other websites (and other digital platforms).


All kinds of personal and non-personal information of our visitors regarding their visits to physical and e-commerce stores of our Company and any of its contracted companies (including location data, products viewed and product-price related information) can be obtained through appropriate technical methods from Bluetooth, beacon and general – private wireless network connections if the relevant functions are activated in their devices, and they can be processed in the country and abroad by the organizations mentioned in the paragraph above, and they can be transferred to such locations.

Cookie Application on our Website

Our website www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr (on all digital platforms including mobile applications) uses various types of cookies. These are identification information including session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, functionality cookies, analysis cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.

Cookies are small data pieces placed in computers and mobile devices for ensuring that the internet site visited operates properly and is developed, user experience is customized and improved, users could visit the sites without starting session, and/or the user receives commercial-social notifications (which could be seen even when the internet browser and/or the relevant mobile application is off as the case may be), and general or customized information, advertisements and promotions are submitted-transmitted to site users-visitors in general both on the site and on sites of others (including social media-networks and online advertisement networks). They also help determine how you use the website/mobile application (e.g. from which location you connect to www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr, which content you see over the website/mobile application, and the duration of your visit).

Cookies are kept in computers-devices for a period conforming to their purpose provided the legal maximum period, if any, is not exceeded.

The Visitors who use our Website (including mobile versions) are deemed to have accepted the above mentioned application, and agreed to the processing of the relevant identification information for the purposes, within the scope, and under the conditions foreseen here and in the personal data legislation, and in other sections of this informative text (including transmission to-sharing with-used by third parties within this framework).

Visitors can edit and remove the cookies from program and/or operation system and/or internet browser settings in their devices any time and/or stop the aforementioned notifications (In this case, one should know that our site/the relevant device/program may not operate as desired and/or one may not be informed about the notification contents).


Our Company may send social, commercial and other electronic communications to the visitor for all kinds of products and services, promotional advertising, commutation, promotion, sales and marketing purposes, as well as for store cards, credit cards, membership / customer information, transaction, applications in accordance with the laws in the form of SMS / text message, instant notification, automatic search, via computers, telephones, e-mail/mail, fax (if their device is on), Bluetooth, beacon – other types of general – private wireless networks and other electronic communication devices, and it can send commercial electronic messages to Visitors.

Your Processed – Transferred Personal Data, and Your Legal Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

Dear Visitors; Visitors are responsible for the decisions they make, and the actions and applications they carry out within the frame work demographic member / user / customer information such as name, last name, nickname, age/date of birth, gender, marital status, status of children, means of transportation owned, area of residence, address and delivery address, level of education, profession / business, cultural, sportive, holiday etc. interests – hobbies and habits, private – official identity, identity number and tax information, photograph (for security purposes), video recordings, shopping habits related to all kinds of products (including clothing) and services, all notifications, promotions and advertising, and all kinds of suggestions.

Due to the fact that we cannot know a Visitor’s legal capacity situation, the legal representatives are responsible for the children’s and other minors’ use, information, and their processing – transactions. They can exercise their rights related to their personal data (and their communication, depending on the situation) through their legal representatives.

Shopping and Other Transactions

If the visitors are informed as specified above and/or if they purchase a product/service as a result of the communications, information, notifications, promotions and advertisements made to them, the mentioned operation is further and duly subjected to the consumer contract to be concluded with the concerned seller/provider. The consumer contract shall be applied under its own conditions and between its own parties.

In your shopping from our site (if any), the terms of the order preliminary information form – distant sales contract which you will see during all operations shall be valid.

Rights on Site Content

All intellectual – industrial rights and propriety rights belong to our Company with regards to any information and content on our website, and their editing, revision and partial/complete use; save for those belonging to third parties under agreements between them and our Company.


Our Company reserves the right to make any amendment that it may deem necessary in the confidentiality, personal data storage – use and destruction policy and Website using terms, and in the products, services and opportunities it offers; these amendments shall be effective from the moment they are announced by our Company on the Site or using the other appropriate methods.

You can notify your additional information requests, demands and complaints about these matters to KANARYA KASABI GIDA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. at any time through the channels below. If it is necessary to file the relevant requests according to a specific procedure (procedure – time - form), that procedure must be followed.









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