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Membership Agreement And Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Accessing this website or using any information on this website means you accept the terms and conditions below. Do not continue to use www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr website if you do not accept all of these terms and conditions.

Kanarya Kasabı Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage based on alleged breach of agreement, tortious behavior, or any other reason caused by accessing this site, or using the information and other data or software on this website. Kanarya Kasabı will not assume any responsibility with regards to any interruption of operation, error, negligence, interruption caused breach of agreement, by tortious act, negligence or other reasons.

It is not obligatory to subscribe to the system in order to shop on www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr. Membership is free and allows taking advantage of / receiving information about special deals and discounts. It also allows members to see their previous purchases, to enter their addresses and personal information, and complete their purchases quickly.


Discounts and deals on www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr are valid only for online purchases.


Kanarya Kasabı reserves the right to change the prices, visuals, features and all other information published at www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr without prior notice. Kanarya Kasabı is not responsible for price and content errors caused by typos and system errors which occur during the changes on the website or because of the system. It reserves the right to cancel orders whose price, content and features are displayed wrong as a result of the said problems.


Kanarya Kasabı reserves the right to cancel the order or to contact the owner of the owner and request additional information to ensure the security of the transaction if it suspect that actions considered crime in Turkish Criminal Code and relevant laws such as forgery, fraud, cybercrimes etc. are committed in relation to the credit card and other payment means subject to the order based on the security criteria it determines or the criteria laid down in the law. It is not obligated to share the findings obtained as a result of an investigation with the owner of the order.


You agree and undertake that when you shop on www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr, it is only for personal use and not for commercial profit. The use of products purchased from www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr outside their intended purpose is prohibited for all real and legal persons other than those with whom Kanarya Kasabı has a contractual relationship. www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr reserves all rights regarding these transactions.


Kanarya Kasabı Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. reserves all legal rights in the event its products are reproduced and marketed for profit even after they are modified.


Orders are shipped within 72 hours following their placement at the latest. The products may not always be in stock. Kanarya Kasabı does not assume any responsibility for delays which are not its fault, or for those caused by the late supply of the product. You can pay at the door in cash or by credit card. Orders whose payments are not made are cancelled.


When you shop on www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use, Distant Sale Agreement, Terms of Withdrawal, Guarantee and Return.


Membership Agreement

Please read the general terms of use below before you start using www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr.

When you start to use the system and enter your personal information, this will mean that you agree to the conditions below; therefore, please do not use the system if these conditions are not appropriate for you.


Kanarya Kasabı Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. reserves the right to update the content of this legal notice page whenever it deems necessary. Please visit this page regularly as you use the website to be informed about possible changes in terms of membership and use.


Agreement’s Entry into Force

When a Member completes its registration procedure or shares his/her information in order to place an order without becoming a member, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement, and this Agreement will enter into force. This Agreement will become automatically null and void without requiring any notification if membership is terminated or one of the reasons for termination is realized.


Rules of Use and Security

Kanarya Kasabı is a website which is open to everyone who is a member. After a Kanarya Kasabı member completes his/her registration and confirms his/her e-mail address, he/she can start using the www.kanaryasitesi.com.tr after entering his/her e-mail and password provided he/she complies with the terms of this Agreement.


Information provided to the members or those determined by them such as usernames, passwords, etc. cannot be used by third persons or organizations.


The Member will be responsible for the confidentiality of information (such as username and password) provided to him/her. The use of this information by someone other than the Member and controlling this situation is not the responsibility of Kanarya Kasabı. Similarly, a Member cannot use another person’s IP address, e-mail, username and other information on the internet, or he/she cannot access the private information of other Members or use them without permission. The Member will have full criminal liability resulting from such uses.


Software which can threaten the general security of the website, or prevent the operation of the website or the software cannot be used. No information can be obtained or deleted from or changed on the website with  these methods.


Kanarya Kasabı is open to all kinds of criticism. All comments sent to our website belong to us, and can be used for marketing purposes.


Pursuant to Article 6 of the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, if you provide your communication information to be contacted, your consent is not necessary for commercial electronic messages relating to the provided goods or services with regards to change, usage and maintenance. In this framework, if you share your telephone number with Kanarya Kasabı during your subscription or at any stage of the placement of your order, you agree that Kanarya Kasabı can send all kinds of commercial electronic messages (including those sent via Whatsapp) relating to the state of your orders, the state of the cargo, and changes in, use, and maintenance of the goods or services provided.


Obligations of the Member

If Kanarya Kasabı determines that  a Member abuses Kanarya Kasabı’s campaigns, sales system or website by taking advantage of a vulnerability (e.g. technical) in Kanarya Kasabı’s campaigns, its sales system, or website and harms Kanarya Kasabı, obtains unjust benefit, performs repeated operations, carries out wrong actions, or benefits from campaigns or sales even though he/she does not qualify for them, Kanarya Kasabı will be entitled to its rights regarding these matters arising under the law, and to cancel the said transactions, terminate the User’s membership, and to immediately terminate the sales agreement unilaterally.


  • In case a Member does not comply with the obligations stated herein and the general rules stated in www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr, Kanarya Kasabı may temporarily or permanently prevent such Member from using www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr and/or from entering content to the website, and/or cancel his/her membership.

  • It is the Member’s responsibility to back up his/her communication with Kanarya Kasabı.

  • A Member cannot perform actions that would prevent or make it difficult for other members and visitors to use Kanarya Kasabı, or install automatic software on servers or databases, or overload/lock them. He/she cannot make attempts at damaging data. Otherwise, he/she accepts all kinds of legal and criminal liability resulting from such actions.

  • Cancellation of membership or deleting an account can be performed by the user on kanaryakasabi.com.tr.

  • Kanaryakasabi.com.tr does not request the e-mails of their users in advance. However, the e-mail address the user communicates to www.kanaryakasabi.com.tr is considered to be the e-mail address from which the legal address will be requested for all kinds of notifications regarding this Agreement.

  • The parties agree that unless they notify the other party the changes in their current e-mails to the other party in writing within 3 (three) days, notifications sent to their old e-mails will be considered valid, and that these notifications will be deemed to be made to them. 

  • Any notification kanaryakasabi.com.tr will make to the User’s registered e-mail address will be deemed to have reached the user after 1 (one) day it is sent by kanaryakasabi.com.tr. The User represents, agrees and undertakes that he/she read, understood, and accepted all the provisions of this participation agreement, and that he/she confirms the accuracy of the information he/she provided about himself/herself.

  • The User agrees and undertakes that the payment information he/she will use for purchases he/she will make on the website (credit card, GSM number, etc.) are correct, and that he/she will have legal and penal liability arising from them.

    The Member agrees that he/she will have accepted all provisions of this participation agreement from the moment he/she starts using this Service, and that the Agreement will be binding for him/her. The Member will fully compensate any damage Kanarya Kasabı may suffer due to his/her actions violating his/her obligations under this Agreement. Kanarya Kasabı is entitled to recourse to the Member for any damages and/or administrative/judicial fines it will be obligated to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the Member’s violation of the Agreement.


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