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Healthy Baby Products

The Canary Butcher prepared special minced meat and tiny meatballs from the softest and fat-free parts of veal for babies who have just started to get acquainted with meat to eat with pleasure.

We produce 13 to 15 grams each so that babies and children can eat our tiny meatballs comfortably. We extracted all the fat and nerves of veal from our specially prepared minced meat product so that babies can consume their meals more comfortably. Then we thinned the meat thoroughly minced 7 to 8 times in the meat grinder.

The Canary Butcher, who is thinking about future generations, has made the marrowy veal bone product ready for your use by portioning it for you. You can get bone broth by boiling the bone marrow, which is a store of collagen, in your pot over low heat for a long time. You can consume the bone broth you get by adding it to your meals or directly.



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