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Our own production products, which we prepare with one hundred percent veal and special spices, do not contain any additives.

Traditional Flavors: Soujouk, Roasted Meat, Pastrami, Beef Jerky

We also reflect Turkey's food culture and taste in soujouk flavor. Our kangal and baton-shaped soujouks offer different tastes to those who want to enjoy breakfast and barbecue with halloumi cheese, special spicy and pistachio varieties.

Our roasted meat, which we use one hundred percent veal, veal oil and salt, is filled after cooking. After packaging, roasted meats are brought to your tables without breaking the cold chain.

Our pastrami, which is indispensable for your breakfast table with its softness, taste and wonderful smell of fenugreek, is made from veal entrecote, one of the most precious parts of meat.

Beef jerky, the traditional flavor of our tables from Ottoman cuisine to the present day, is produced using a different cooking technique, smoke technique, using one hundred percent veal.

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