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With the meeting of tradition and technology, you can have the exquisite products of The Canary Butcher with a click!

Canary Butcher, Turkey's leading meat company, invites you Istanbul residents, who know their taste buds very well, to a taste feast this time on the online platform.


According to this;

You can safely buy exclusive veal and lamb products such as “Veal Chops”, “Veal Entrecote”, “Beef Tenderloin”, “Lamb Chops”, “Lamb Grilled Cutlet” and “Lamb Skewers” from Canary Butcher.

Butcher Meatballs“, ”Hamburger Meatballs “, “Kasseri Meatballs" you will love the special types of Meatballs of The Canary Butcher, which you can not get enough to eat.

We have specially prepared indispensable breakfast delicatessen products like "Soujouk", "Pastrami", "Roasted Meat" and "Beef Jerky" that you cannot get enough to eat.

Canary Butcher offers baby products prepared by thinking about the sensitivity of parents with high quality, hygienic service.


Delicious Canary Butcher products can be found on the website or from The Canary Butcher mobile app, which you can download from Google Play or AppStore.













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