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You can enjoy our meatballs produced completely without additives from our veal and lamb products; grill if you want, barbecue if you want, you can also make oven and pot dishes.

How To Prepare Unique Flavors?

Our special production meatballs are prepared daily for you. First, 80% veal and 20% Lamb are mixed. Grinded together with some bread, onions and garlic. The prepared minced meat is mixed with spices (black pepper, salt, cumin, red powdered pepper, red flakes pepper) approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and completely natural. Ingredients (such as cheese, Kasseri, etc.) are added according to the type of meatball. The meatball dough we produce is rested for one day in our cold storage units. The next day, the rested meatball dough is shaped in our state of the art meatball machine. After the production stage, the prepared products are packed and taken to the Cold Storage section of our facility.

The shipping phase of the products is as important as processing and preservation. Packaged products are packed in the protection area and loaded into state-of-the-art frigofric vehicles that are disinfected every day. The products are loaded into state-of-the-art frigofric vehicles, which are disinfected every day by being packed in the storage area. It is delivered to consumers without breaking the cold chain by our trained shipping team.

Canary Butcher's Advice

You should consume your meatball products in your refrigerator within 5 days between 0 and +4 C. You can keep your packaged product for 3 months at -18 C without opening its original packaging.


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