Boiled Lamb

17 November 2020
Boiled Lamb

Boiled lamb, the lightest form of consumption, is also one of the easiest dishes to make. Boiled lamb is made from a shank or necklace.


4 pieces of lamb shank

2 onions

3 potatoes

2 carrots

1 tablespoon butter

Juice of 1 lemon


Black Pepper


Wash the meat cleanly and put it in the pot. Add enough water to cover the lamb shanks and let them simmer. Take the foams from the cooked meat. Put the ingredients you have prepared in it while the meat is cooking. Add the carrots first, then the potatoes. Then add the onion and salt to the meat and cook it. Mix a spoonful of flour with a squeezed lemon in a bowl on the other side and pour over the cooked dish.


Extra water should not be added when cooking lamb meat.

Wait until the meat is separated from its bones while it cooks. In this way, you can more easily separate the meat from the bone.

Remove the foams formed in the pot during the boiling process with a perforated strainer. So your meat will be boiled with clear water.

To get an aromatic taste, add your favorite spices towards the end of the cooking process.

Bon Appetit!

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